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Artist of Influence - Paul Rand 1914 -1996

Paul Rand, born 1914 was a pioneer of modern design and influenced entire generations of American designers.

Rand studied in New York and began his career as an illustrator and art director gaining attention with extraordinary cover designs for the Direction magazine.

Paul Rand, Merry Christmas Direction 1938

Paul Rand, Direction 1940

Rand took up the first of his teaching posts while at the same time designing book jackets and advertising campaigns.

In 1954 he was named one of New Yorks ten best art directors. He began designing for IBM in 1956 revamping thier branding completely.

Paul Rand, International Bussiness Machines, 1956 - 1967

He went on to work with some of the biggest brands of our times and published a number of books that have become standards of the industry. Participating in countless exhibitions Rand gradually became one of the 20th centuries most important design pioneers.

Paul Rand, Ford Motor Company 1966

Paul Rand, American Broadcasting Company 1962

Paul Rand, Cummings Engines 1962

Paul Rand, United Parcel Service of America 1961

Paul Rand, Westinghouse Electric 1960

With a play full modernist style, Paul Rand shaped a lot of how we approach modern branding today.


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